DIY Credit Repair-How To Remove Medical Collections

When you go to the doctor’s office pay close attention  to your medical release form upon signing.  It is important to know what you have signed make sure you check your paperwork.  HIPPA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This privacy rule mandates that your personal medical information may not be shared unless there is permissible reason for doing so.

HIPPA extends to credit reporting agencies and collection agencies as well. The HIPPA law will assist YOU in dealing with delinquent medical collection accounts because in order for the collection agency to verify your debt, they will need to have access to your medical information. If they have access to this information, your rights under the HIPPA law have been violated.

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The HIPPA dispute letter template will frighten the collection agencies and credit bureaus and remind them that if they fully validate your validation letter on your medical bills, they are violating HIPPA regulations and are doing criminal activities.

HIPPA laws do not allow your doctor or healthcare provider to share your medical files without your consent under a HIPPA release. There has been an increase of doctors asking for a HIPPA release to be signed by you, however this only allows them to share with other medical professionals, not 3rd party collectors.

Make sure you cross out everyone other than the party intended to receive your medical information (do not sign a full HIPPA release).

Our Credit Repair System will help you step-by-step to resolve your credit issues. It provides you with templates , letters and  videos so you will know how to navigate.


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