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Income Shifting 

Income Shifting Membership helps individuals and families to change their current lifestyle to be financially fit by learning the different strategies and developing better way of life. We’ve discovered their are two objectives, our Current lifestyle and Future lifestyle, and four challenges, Inflation, Taxes, Debt and Limited Income. casflow

Two Objectives

Current Lifestyle which we live in now which is paid by your labor, your work hours.  Future Lifestyle is your investments and assets.  If you think Social Security is there to help you live comfortable don’t be surprise it tells you how much you or family would receive in disability survivor, or retirement benefits and it reads the benefits you will receive should not be your only source of income it covers only a certain 40% and you will need other savings such as investments, pension or retirement accounts. When you retire make sure you have enough money to live comfortable.

The Four Challenges

Inflation is more money needed to get the same amount, loses  value over time. Cost of living increases but your rate of pay doesn’t change.  Our Income Shifting  Membership will help you invest your money and grow at a faster rate than inflation.

Taxes  Believe it or not,  Most Americans do not know how much is lost in their taxes.  We are taxed approximately 33% combined federal and state as an employee. Our Income Shifting Membership offers a referral program which in turns helps you as a home based business increases your cash flow on your W4 form.  Everyday common expenses can be a write off such as utilities, cell phones, vehicle mileage, maintenance, rent and tax deducible expenses etc…

Debt  is the number one challenge by many Americans it’s hard to build wealth when you are drowning in it, and definitely is an option. If you change the way you think and educate yourself  you can become financially fit. Our Income Shifting Membership allows you to take advantages and tackle two of the four challenges begin knocking down debt.

Limited Income is a major problem.  So let’s be financially fit  and see the value in our Income Shifting Membership which helps increase your cashflow it includes DIY credit repair system, investment education, helps minimize taxes, eliminate debt, lower expenses. You can create six different streams of income to overcome limited income.

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  1. Hi Sabrina,

    With so many people in debt or dissatisfied with their current employment situation, I think it’s inevitable that a niche like this will be profitable long term.

    I like that you mention proper investing strategies as a counter to inflation, which I think is something that most folks don’t think about often. (myself included)

    Have fun!

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